chimera-anthology-promoCHIMERA: 200 Years of Frankenstein & Writing the Body. The first Santa Fe University Press anthology will be published in the Fall of 2016, marking 200 years since the conception of Mary Shelley’s iconic creature. We are inviting submissions from current students and alumni, and current and former faculty.

Submissions are not limited by genre, so everything from poetry and fiction, to lyric essays and memoir will be considered. We invite writers to consider ‘the body’ in terms of identity, transformation, constructs, language, sexuality, postmodernism, cultural diversity, gender, the imagination, politics, art, activism, ethnicity, ecology, etc.

Submissions of prose should not exceed 6000 words.¬†Submissions of poetry should not exceed 8 pages of poems. The DEADLINE for submissions is July 31, 2016. Entries will be selected by the faculty of the Creative Writing and Literature Department of SFUAD. Send your finest writing with a cover letter to james.reich ‘at’ santafeuniversity.edu

*The image above does not represent the final cover of the anthology, it’s just something to look at.